A life online...

I spent the past 13 years running websites dedicated to mobile technology and it was a transformative experience. Meeting so many virtual friends and receiving the comments of people from all over the world offered a sense of inclusion, minor fame and a desire to express myself to others.

The industry changed and so I gave it all up to concentrate on my day job and freelance writing which is also mostly dedicated to mobile technology. The constant craving for mobile news and the continual releases of innovative new technologies offered much to write about, but that all changed and we are now in a position where such devices are so commonplace that my thoughts offered little weight.

And so I decided to continue adding my thoughts online, purely for selfish reasons, but on any subject that takes my fancy. Whether it be phones, watches, family, politics or anything else- this will now be my home on the internet. A home that is not intended to gain thousands of visitors a day or to make money. It's just there to let me vent my feelings when the time feels right.

Shaun McGill